The best investment on earth is earth.. Louis Glickman.

A multi-billionaire, Chief Emeka Ahamefuna Nwankwo, who lives in Banana Island, Lagos maintained a mistress, bought a house in VGC for her to live in (in his own name though) and would give her a monthly allowance of N500,000.
The house cost him about N75,000,000 in 2010. In January this year (2017), he sold the house for N225 million, after they broke up.

A quick calculation shows that after a 6-year fling with the mistress, he spent a total sum of N36 million on her monthly allowances plus N75 million cost of the mansion and still had a net profit of N114 million

When his wife found out about this, she was very mad at him and yelled at him, “BLOODY IDIOT!!! Why the hell didn’t you keep two Mistresses? At least by now we would have made double the money”

You never get it wrong with Real Estate investments
Therefore, if you desire your money to appreciate with high return on investment which makes you richer and among the wealthy men & women in the world, consider investing in Westwood Park Estate 5mins Drive New Shoprite, Sangotedo

Title: Global C of O
Size: 600sqm
Price: N9.5M
5% discount on outright payment
Refer & Earn: Do you have people that can buy this? Refer & earn 350k/plot.


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