Wisdom of Real Estate Investments

In 2001/2 when my uncle was traveling out of Nigeria, his bosom friend advised him to buy some landed property as collateral. He yielded. He went in search if some and was taken to Lekki Phase 1. He saw few plots for 3-6m. He said Lekki was far and it will 20yrs develop. An agent convinced him to buy in Ajao estate instead. He also had the opportunity to buy a plot opposite Oba Oniru bustop on Alfred Rewane Road, Ikeja for 4m but same he refused. Today, that plot goes for 400m and he regretted till his death that he did not buy it.
A plot in Lekki Phase One sells from N6million.

I swore not to make the same mistake. Presently, Ibeju-Lekki presents that same opportunity. You get a plot for as low as 3m now. A plot I bought for 1.2m in February 2016 now sells for 3.5m. Thanks to my bosom real estate consultant who gave me the tip. I have few acres and I advise you to get some too.

These locations is in the neighborhood of Dangote refinery and other projects.

*Don’t wait to buy land, buy land and wait*

Here is another tip. Industry specialists are speculating that once Dangote refinery begins operations next year, the plots that sells for 3m, won’t sell below 9m and 100m by year 2026.

If you want to take advantage of this massive investment opportunity, its just a phone call away : 08033554400 for enquiries, inspections and payment


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