16 Surest ways to become an Informed millionaire

  1. Be positive.
  2. Don’t give fear a chance
  3. Do not create any room for negativities.
  4. Speak wealth even when it’s not physically in your hands yet.
  5. Develop a good sense of self-worth.
  6. Learn to give; no matter how little.
  7. Be thankful. Always show appreciation.
  8. Surround yourself with Lions. You can’t become a millionaire with ‘Goat mentality’.
  9. Follow more millionaires. No limits!
  10. You need to follow and have more millionaire friends.
  11. Remember to dream and have a vision (Do not forget to write it down and make it plain.)
  12. Take Action. Only 5% of the world population take action on their written goals.
  13. Be humble! Every self-made millionaire that you see today was once a servant.
  14. You need people, no milionaire made it working alone.
  15. But wait please…How do you expect to become a leader when you don’t know what it takes to follow? Learn to follow before you can Lead.
  16. Millionaires are just some humble everyday people; who decided to serve or solve a problem no matter how small.

Extra:  Search for your niche and follow it!

Follow the above 16rules, and your financial freedom is guaranteed.



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