Ibeju lekki Lagos has more investment prospect than the most expensive and popular ikoyi, Victoria island and lekki phase one all in Lagos Nigeria.

In 70s plot of land in ikoyi sell less than #2million, but today(2017) prices from #300million above.

In 80s plot of land in Victoria island sell less than #5million, but today(2017) from #250million above

In 90s plot of land in lekki phase one sell than #2million, but today(2017) from #150million aboveS

Smart investors took advantage and invested even though there wasn’t any international projects within these location and yet they made over 5000% pure profit on their investments after few years.

Now think of ibeju lekki Lagos, the hottest investments zone in Africa that is seating multi billion dollar international projects that will skyrocket your investments such as:

  • Dangote refinery
  • Lekki free trade zone
  • Beach resort centers
  • LA campagne beach resort
  • Lekki deep seaport
  • Lekki epe international airport etc.

Guess how much a plot of land will be selling in ibeju lekki in the next 5years to 10years from now. Prices from #50million to #200million per plot…

History is about to repeat itself again, now is the opportunity time to take advantage and invest into our estates.

With US, their is no limit.

For information on our best selling properties in ajah and IBEJU-LEKKI, feel free to Contact us here


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