Investing in Real Estate anywhere in the world always gives great returns.

In recent reports, Nigeria, for various reasons is becoming the investment destination for a lot of conglomerates world wide, perhaps owing to our consistently increasing population.

With a housing deficit of 16million housing units, Nigeria requires an annual production of 70,000 housing units to fill the existing housing gap. These incoming conglomerates need a ground space to set up.

When it comes to Real Estate investment in Nigeria, Lagos State is King and here’s why:

1. The State is the 4th largest economy in Africa with a GDP of $13b equaling the economy of 42 countries.

2. It has a current population of over 19million, a growing middle class of 4million people and annual population rate estimated at 8%.

3. The State accounts for 90% of FDI in Nigeria

4. The present insecurity in the North, agitation in the South East and South South will only add to the growing business opportunity in the State

5. The future developments of the LFTZ will only increase the demand for comfortable homes within the metropolis


It is against this backdrop that we present to you our very latest listing to help you make that bold business move in acquiring an acre or two. After all, when it comes to Real Estate, LOCATION is everything.

1. Walton Gate Estate, Sangotedo N18m.

2. Westwood Park Estate, Sangotedo N12m

3. Urban Base Estate, Bogije N10m

4. Orangeville Estate, Ogombo N8m

For free site inspections contacts: 08033554400


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