Location.. An important factor to consider before choosing a property.

We now know – or should know – that the most important thing to consider when buying/selling your land/house is the neighborhood. So if you’re buying, think ahead; purchase your dream property in the wrong location and you may be buying into a nightmare. Here are some location go-gos: Development attracting areas:Facts have shown that... Continue Reading →


Top Reasons Why You Should Buy A Land In An Estate.

"You are not yet established till you stop paying rents. the greatest asset you can ever own and possess which will continue to appreciate in value and sometimes you can leave for your children is properties". as a matter of fact, real estate investment tops the league of investments that has been booming for a... Continue Reading →

16 Surest ways to become an Informed millionaire

Be positive. Don't give fear a chance Do not create any room for negativities. Speak wealth even when it's not physically in your hands yet. Develop a good sense of self-worth. Learn to give; no matter how little. Be thankful. Always show appreciation. Surround yourself with Lions. You can't become a millionaire with 'Goat mentality'.... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter Monday.

On behalf of Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Aliko Dangote, Jim Ovia, Mike Adenuga, Madam Folorunsho Alakija,Hassan Ismail, ourselves @ Amazing Homes and Properties and our billionaire friends across the globe, I specially WEALTH-come you this Monday morning. Seriously speaking, irrespective of your religious belief, it is best to make use of this period... Continue Reading →

Real Estate Business Sense: Pride, Anger and Impatience Can Cause A Regrettable Fortune- Avoid Them!

April 12th on this Day in History: Ronald Wayne, one of the three Co founders of Apple Computer left the company just after 11days it was established. He sold his 10% share for $2300 in 1976 (which became an equivalent of $63 billion as at 2016.Now worth $70 billion) Today a single share of Apple... Continue Reading →

Make yourself and your loved ones happy this Easter.

IMAGINE YOURSELF!!! YES.......... Imagine yourself that you have a property in the current Apapa area of wharf!!! Imagine that you are collecting house rent from property around Ikeja Airport!!! Picture yourself having a land for sale in and around LEKKI phase 1 !!! Now Imagine yourself having an investment close to the richest black man... Continue Reading →

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