16 Surest ways to become an Informed millionaire

Be positive. Don't give fear a chance Do not create any room for negativities. Speak wealth even when it's not physically in your hands yet. Develop a good sense of self-worth. Learn to give; no matter how little. Be thankful. Always show appreciation. Surround yourself with Lions. You can't become a millionaire with 'Goat mentality'.... Continue Reading →

Happy Easter Monday.

On behalf of Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Aliko Dangote, Jim Ovia, Mike Adenuga, Madam Folorunsho Alakija,Hassan Ismail, ourselves @ Amazing Homes and Properties and our billionaire friends across the globe, I specially WEALTH-come you this Monday morning. Seriously speaking, irrespective of your religious belief, it is best to make use of this period... Continue Reading →

Real Estate Business Sense: Pride, Anger and Impatience Can Cause A Regrettable Fortune- Avoid Them!

April 12th on this Day in History: Ronald Wayne, one of the three Co founders of Apple Computer left the company just after 11days it was established. He sold his 10% share for $2300 in 1976 (which became an equivalent of $63 billion as at 2016.Now worth $70 billion) Today a single share of Apple... Continue Reading →

Make yourself and your loved ones happy this Easter.

IMAGINE YOURSELF!!! YES.......... Imagine yourself that you have a property in the current Apapa area of wharf!!! Imagine that you are collecting house rent from property around Ikeja Airport!!! Picture yourself having a land for sale in and around LEKKI phase 1 !!! Now Imagine yourself having an investment close to the richest black man... Continue Reading →

Based on logistics, Can EFE spend his N25m prize money in a week?

Though a lot of people still believe the Big Brother Africa/Nigeria showpiece is a total waste of time and resources. Yeah! I thought so too about previous editions but the recently concluded edition of #BBNaija did hold me spellbound just like it did millions of viewers across Nigeria and Africa at large. Albeit for those... Continue Reading →


1. SEARCH AT THE LAND REGISTRY The Land registries of various states is the most important place to conduct search over a property in a state. e.g Surveyor General Office Alausa, Lagos. The search will reveal the following -Nature of the grant and the grant holder in nature of the property. -Description of the property... Continue Reading →

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