Valid Reasons Why You Should Be Investing in Real Estate

Despite the fact that it is pretty obvious that real estate is a wise investment, you would be surprised to find out that there are still several people who are skeptical or uninterested in investing in it. Typical excuses are that it is quite an expensive investment and that it can take a while to... Continue Reading →


Dangote deep-sea pipeline to add 12,000mw to Nigeria’ s power grid.

Source:naija347news. 14,jun,2018 The Dangote Group’s sub-sea pipeline infrastructure is expected to augment the natural domestic gas supply and add an estimated 12,000 Mega Watts(MW) to Nigeria’s power generation capacity. Dangote also has plans to construct a 570 MW power plant within refinery complex. The 12,000mw, which is being expected from the Dangote subsea pipeline is... Continue Reading →

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